Small Camp Site

Rental tentes, cottage and chalet


Swimming in the Tarn

The camp site is just a few minutes walk from the river Tarn, where there are several small beaches. The little children can play safely in the shallow parts while the older children can explore in the rapids. You can swim as well in the deeper parts of the river.
A fifteen minute drive from Broquiès lies a lake (Villefranche-de-Panat), where you can rent watercycles and small sailing boats. In an other village (Le Truel, 10 min.), there is a swimming pool)

The river 300 meters from la Cazette. Playing in the currents with the other guests

At 15 km's to the beach of the lake of  Villefranche de Panat and the beach of  Viala du Tarn

Canoing in the Tarn

Canoeing Just outside Broquiès. You can rent canoes to explore the valley from the river. You can have some great canoeing with your kids. No wild conditions, but quietly descend Tarn with some momentum. A picknick along and enjoy a rest on the banks of the Tarn or on one of the islands. The cano owner brings you back by bus to the starting point.

Walking and biking

The Vallée du Tarn is a wonderful walking and cycling area, where you will be surprised by immense vistas, intimate river valleys, medieval castles and picturesque villages. You can use our maps and directions.

Lounge at la Cazette

La Cazette is THE place to be to get back on your feet in no time and shake off the busy "modern" life. Laze in a hammock, reading a book in a secluded spot, asleep simmering in the sun while the kids play in the playground.

Camping La Cazette
Lidy Mommers & Carli Bakker
La Cazette
12480 Broquiès
Tel: +33 (0)565 99 47 33

Open 13/6 - 1/9, cottage 14/3 - 1/11