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Rent a tent

La Cazette offers plenty of room to those who want to spent their holiday in an active way as well as those who prefer to laze around. There are hammocks at your disposal. You can pitch your own tent or you can rent one. We rent out tents to sleep three with a front-tent and a bungalow tent. The tents we rent out are provided with a good mattress and bedding. You do not need to bring a sleeping-bag.

Tent "Le Chène”

The next season we will replace "Le Chène" with another tent (see photo). It is the same size as the previous bungalow tent. He has two larger sleeping cabins and remains suitable for four to five people.

Tent "Le Cerisier"

This bungalowtent is suitable for four persons.

Tent "Le Bambou"

"Le Bambou" will be moved to another location in the coming season and it will be replaced by a new tent: a large Bell tent. It is a large, attractive tent of four by six meters and no less than three meters high in the middle. It is suitable for four people. There will be an inner tent with two sleeping cabins. Naturally, it is also fully furnished with all kitchen facilities and a dining table with four chairs.

Tent “La Vigne”
This tunneltent is suitable for four persons

Camping La Cazette
Lidy Mommers & Carli Bakker
La Cazette
12480 Broquiès
Tel: +33 (0)565 99 47 33

Open 13/6 - 1/9, cottage 14/3 - 1/11