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There is a lot to see outside the Tarn-valley. There are the Gorges du Tarn, Gorges de la Jonte and the Gorges de la Dourbie. There are also the templar villages at the Causse de Larzac, the big lakes of the Lévezou and the famous viaduct of Millau. The city of Albi has a special cathedral and the museum of Toulouse-Lautrec.

Les gorges des Raspes du Tarn

The Gorges de Raspes du Tarn

To the south of the Massif Central are the Cevennes. This is where the river Tarn rises. Between the cities of Millau and Albi the river Tarn has formed a beautiful valley with a varied landscape. The Valley of the Tarn lies in the department of Aveyron and in the « Parc Naturel Regional des Grands Causses ». It's between St. Rome du Tarn and Brousse le Chateau thal you'll find La Cazette. This part of the Tarn Valley is called the Gorges des Raspes du Tarn. It is sparssely inhabited and not a touristic region, therefore it is an oasis for people who wish to enjoy quietness and simplicity.

Boattrip on the Tarn (video)

Suspension bridge over the Tarn

Gorges des Raspes du Tarn

The village Pinet

Villages and castles

In the vacinity of our camp site La Cazette there are beautiful villages and several mediaeval castles.. Brousse le Chateau is only 7 kilometers from the camping site and is “Un des plus beaux villages de France” (one of the most beautiful villages of France). Also with castles to visit there are the villages of St. Izaire and Coupiac.

Brousse le Château

Château of Saint Izaire

Château of Coupiac

The village Peyre

Albi is a beautiful city with its historical centre and cathedral. The cathedral is the largest brick built building in the world and the interior is unique and elaborately painted. Next to the cathedral is the museum of the famous painter Toulouse-Lautrec.

Bishop city Albi

World heritage Unesco


Cordes sur Ciel

Millau and surroundings
Millau is now well known for its magnificent viaduct. There is a tourist information centre at the foot of the viaduct in which you can find out how the bridge was constructed. Millau is also well known for the three gorges which starts here: the Gorges du tarn, the Gorges de la Jonte (with his vultures) and the Gorges de la Dourbie.

Viaduct of Millau

Les gorges du Tarn

Les gorges de la Jonte

Les gorges de la Dourbie

Templar villages
On the Causse de Larzac there are several mediaeval fortified villages which were founded by the religious military order of the Templars. From the 12 th century they came to the Larzac and left us with charming villages; La Couvertoirade, St. Eulalie de Cernon, St. Jean d'Alcaz and La Cavalerie..

La Couvertoirade

St. Eulalie de Cernon

Les causses du Larzac

Les caves de Roquefort

Enjoy the French way of living
Not far from our camp site at La Cazette is the town of St. Affrique (28 km). Once a week there is a local market with many “produits du terroir”, quality products made by local people. During the summer every Saturday morning there is a large “vide-grenier”, a fleamarket. After wandering around the market it's nice to sit down outside a café and watch French life go by.

Saint Affrique

French markets

Flea markets

Cozy terraces

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